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February listeners art contest results


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Drawing Winners

Misc. Winners


1st Place - Heather Mehudar 

Song: Pandora’s Box ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

When you fall inside
Pandora’s box
You gotta fight for your life
And climb to the top
As you sweat and you struggle
Don’t make a sound
The Hell raiser’s will get you
And drag you back down
Inside Pandora’s box

Verse 1
When the Goddess of Illumination; 
Speaks to you with affirmations
Promises a life of eternity; 
“All you have to do is follow me.”
She’ll lead you down a hidden path; 
Thru a lovely garden of magic
That spirals down into a sacred cave; 
Eventually leading to your grave.

Verse 2
Once deep inside the ethereal den; 
With elves, fairies, sprites and other friends
She summons her ritual amulet; 
“Drink this potion to help manifest”
Just as you begin to lose consciousness; 
Dusk begun enlightened and auspicious
Are hallucinations brought on by a spell; 
And transformation into Black Widow hell
(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Stumble in the twilight pleading for help; 
Tripping on gnomes, ghouls and gargoyles. 
Discovered ascension so demented; 
Fooled by a serpent veil of enchantment
Scrambling from shadowed fangs and claws; 
Praying for light from God’s break of dawn
Just as you’re grasped by the skull scepter; 
Suddenly woke from one garish nightmare
(repeat chorus)

If you ever hear a whisper in the wind
Beckoning you to return once again
To-oo-oo Pandora’s box
Just listen to your heart and intuition
Then run in the opposite direction
O-o-of Pandora’s box
For the elixir that mystic gave will mesmerize
And hypnotize to lure you back for sacrifice
Inside Pandora’s box
(repeat chorus)


1st runner up - lori ann silva

Title: Pluck my Ear

String my ears into submission
And swiftly lick the fingerboard
With the tender
points of your digits
And sing sing sing

Fuck me in the ear
with abstract thoughts
A crescendo of truth
Swelling me with the
Pregnancy of the word
Desire Desire Desire

Pleasure is pain
My eyes widen and blur
Humbled by the tremble of the vibrato
As the sexy lyrics
wag their tongue

They turn me on
To life

I fold them neatly into the lobes of my ears
Save them for my tomorrows
They will journey with me until the evening of my life
When I am free to

2nd place - lori ann silva

Title: Spring

He is exquisite
And I am his

Completely but

So I can keep him
And not bore him
With the complexity of my whole

He will know this and that
He will know me in time

But until I am known . . .

I will wrap my legs around him
Three times
As many times as I have length to spare
And I will let him work me
Into the moon
Into the sun
Into fascination

He blinks an eye --- I see a new constellation
He touches my shoulder --- I feel the shedding of a snake’s skin
He says my name ---  I hear the language of the spheres

I feel love, see love, am love.

I separate from the world
I become one with him, myself, life
I spread across the grass like a dandelion for him
Freeing my particles with his breeze
I float upon the songs of the wind and the birds
I am free
I am dancing

And all he did was say “baby”










2nd runner up - Tris Saraya

Wildest dream
Hard revenge
I come with fire
Living for desire

Scream at night
Cry in sight
Stand for freedom
Loving my fandom

Run out of energy
For my destiny
Battling the paparazzi
By staying so busy

I’m Ann Wilson

They’re not fare
But I don’t care
Too much for the pain
Soon, I become a saint

Run the world
With my sword
It’s always be me
Because I’m a Gypsy

Red lips
High tips
Enough for break up
It’s time to make-up

Follow my wing
It is my string
They call nothing
But The Ann Wilson Thing

My voice is my passion
My love is like a poison
There’s no more reason because I’m the one and only
Ann Wilson

3rd place - Jess Griffin











3rd runner up - Michelle Barlas


1st Place - Dan travis -

2nd place - Monica cole -

3rd Place - Beate Schröder -

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