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Ann Wilson: Doing Something New & Different with Solo Tour


Ann Wilson is best-known as the lead singer of Heart, but as a songwriter and lyricist, Ann Wilson has created a truly impressive body of work ("Crazy on You," "Barracuda," "Magic Man," "Dog & Butterfly," "Straight On," "Even it Up," "Mistral Wind," and many, many more). 

However, her greatest gift, and first "calling" is singing. Her voice is considered to be among the best ever, with its vast range, amazing power and sheer musicality. It has inspired legions of great singers, across every genre of music. 

EDGE spoke to Wilson recently about her current solo tour, which brings her to the Northeast over the next few weeks.

EDGE: When you started your career, how was the decision made to sing rock 'n' roll and not another genre? 

Ann Wilson: I have always loved rock 'n' roll. As a kid, it was all that I listened to. I have sang other music genres, but it is rock'n' roll that makes me feel at home. Rock is my greatest love and the most natural for me to sing.

EDGE: When you started, there probably weren't a lot of women rock stars around then, who influenced your style?

Ann Wilson: I was most influenced by Mick Jagger, Elton John, and Judy Garland. I love musicians who are great storytellers and great singers. 

EDGE: Forty years later, would you want to be starting your career in the music industry now?

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