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Alone: Ann Wilson Sings


“I’m writing and working on new songs and looking at all kinds of different and new ways of presenting myself for the future. It’s just all evolving now.”

Evolution – both personal and professional – is at the heart of where Ann Wilson finds herself in 2017. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with sister, singer, guitarist Nancy, along with guitarist Roger Fisher, bassist Steve Fossen, guitarist/keyboard player Howard Leese and drummer Michael DeRosier, Wilson’s voice is instantly recognizable as one of the most powerful instruments in rock and roll. Listing Heart’s hits would take as long as the drive from San Diego, CA, where Wilson was born, to Seattle, WA, home of Heart’s Bad Animals studio.

Today, Ann Wilson is exploring music – which she once described as her “brand of spiritualism, my brand of religion” – on stage and in the studio on her own. Flying solo, minus her sister Nancy. My recent conversation with Ann centered on her current solo tour, her future solo music, the present state of her relationship with Nancy, and where both the recording and relationship roads home lead next.

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