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Heart's Ann Wilson talks solo tour, second EP, Chris Cornell


On her solo "Ann Wilson of Heart" tour, she said, "The tour has been just fantastic. It has been way better than expected. We thought it was going to be great, but we didn't know it was going to be over the top great. It has been amazing. We played in Atlanta last night, and people are bouncing off the ceiling. It's really cool."Each day, she is motivated by her love for music. "I love music and singing. I love the band I'm in. I like to get out there and make a connection with people. This is just a dream, and I'm after it," she said.

The song selection process for her second solo EP included some original songs and live cuts. "We picked out a couple of a live cuts that worked particularly well that night and paired them with a couple of our new songs," she said.Although she has had many personal favorite songs in her illustrious career, she shared that at the moment she enjoys singing The Who songs.Last year, she toured with Joan Jett and Cheap Trick as part of the "Rock Hall Three for All" tour. They performed at Jones Beach, New York, on July 28 at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, and for their encore Heart sang "Love Hurts" with Cheap Trick. "That was fun. It was big. I've always loved Cheap Trick. That was a good show," she said.

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