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For now, Ann Wilson of Heart is enjoying her freedom


After more than 40 years of recording and touring as the lead singer of Heart, Ann Wilson says that being on the road as a solo act is liberating. “It’s so refreshing. There aren’t the same expectations put on it, and I can do whatever I want.”

Wilson released a solo album, “Hope & Glory,” in 2007 and more recently toured under the banner of the Ann Wilson Thing, releasing a pair of EPs, “#1,” and “#2 focus,” and the digital album “Live at the Belly Up.”

For her current tour, she’s dropped the Thing moniker and rebilled herself as Ann Wilson of Heart.

“That’s to give people a point of reference,” Wilson says. “It’s sort of like the Ann Wilson Thing, but on steroids. The band is different. It’s not quite as acoustic. There are video programs for every song. It’s a really cool production.”

But it’s not to be confused with a Heart concert, Wilson cautions. She’s playing a handful of Heart numbers, but not in their most familiar form.

“We redefined them,” she says. “I went in and just kind of rethought them and woke them up and refreshed them. It’s not about trying to re-create Heart. It’s not that at all.”

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