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Q&A: Ann Wilson of Heart talks Georgia music, Heart hiatus, Buckhead Theatre show


On May 12, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Phil W. Hudson spoke to Ann Wilson of the American Rock band Heart.

Heart is led by sisters and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Ann and Nancy Wilson , who are the first women in music to lead, write and play instruments for a chart-topping Rock band. To date the band has sold more than 35 million records that include hits like “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” and “Barracuda.”

In April, Heart announced they would be going on hiatus with Nancy hitting the road with a new band Roadcase Royale and Ann hitting the road with her “Ann Wilson of Heart” tour, which features Craig Bartock on guitar (former Heart member that also performed in the Ann Wilson Thing), Andy Stoller on bass (former Ann Wilson Thing member), Denny Fongheiser on drums and percussion (former Heart member) and Dan Walker on keys.

Ann will be in Atlanta June 6 to perform at the Buckhead Theatre.

Atlanta Business Chronicle: You’re from one of my favorite cities for music, Seattle, which embraces its strong music culture. How do you view Atlanta’s music industry and culture?

Ann Wilson: I was raised in Seattle. I see Atlanta the same way I see Seattle in terms of culture. Atlanta is probably even more culturally sophisticated than Seattle. Seattle is pretty out there on the edge and thinks of itself as the last word on anything cultural, (laughs) but the minute you go and travel to other major cities, you see that’s not the case. I think Atlanta is right up there for sure.

ABC: Any updates about the Heart hiatus?

AW: We haven’t got anything planned after this year. I’m touring all year long with my thing. We’re going to be going until November so that’s all I have planned right now. We didn’t want any big deadlines hanging over us.

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