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An Interview With Ann Wilson Of Heart: A Change Of Pace


Sometimes a break from your daily routine is exactly what you need—even if it’s a good routine, like performing with Heart. Lead singer Ann Wilson, along with sister and guitar player Nancy Wilson, have been touring the world for over four decades performing their hits which include “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” “Heartless” and many more. With six Top 10 albums and 20 Top 40 singles, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers still draw crowds and show no signs of slowing down. That’s where Ann saw an opportunity to mix things up a bit.

Ann kicked off a 20-date solo tour that gives her a chance to perform a uniquely personal set of covers, solo work and Heart songs in more intimate settings. I talked to Ann about her role as a rock pioneer, her inspiration, and the chance to connect with people on her Ann Wilson of Heart tour.

You and your sister Nancy are considered trailblazers—the first women to front a hard rock band. What does it mean to you for your band, Heart, to have inspired generations of musicians?

Nancy and I just got together and had a vision of playing music and we didn’t really take into account the fact that we were women. At the beginning, we just wanted to do it. I think that’s the thing that I would say to people now if they really want to do something is they can do it. But they will have to sacrifice a lot and they will have to be super focused and understand that they may get some slack. But if they work hard and if they’re good, they can do it. No reason why not.

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