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Back in the late ’70s, and again in the mid ’80s, Heart songs could be heard all over mainstream radio stations. Over four decades since their formation, they are now considered one of the greatest Rock-n-Roll bands of all-time, but how did they get here? Well, through several lineup changes, and some down periods, the band has always been anchored by the talents of Ann Wilson as the lead singer and her sister, Nancy Wilson, as guitarist. Debuting at a time when the Rock industry was mostly male dominated, the Wilson sisters took the world by storm with their brand of Hard Rock when debuting in 1976 with Dreamboat Annie. An album which reached number seven on the Billboard 200 list, selling over one million copies, Heart would soon become a fixture in Rock-n-Roll over the next decade. 

Battling through tough times upon the dawn of the ’80s, Heart survived it all, going on to becoming even more successful with the release of 1985’s self-titled album, 1987’s Bad Animals, and 1990’s Brigade. Since then, Heart has been going strong touring, releasing music, and, in 2013, deservingly becoming members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Releasing their sixteenth studio album, Beautiful Broken, in 2016, followed by a summer of touring alongside Cheap Trick and Joan Jett, 2017 brings something new for Ann and Nancy Wilson. A surprise to many, the sisters decided it was time to take a break to explore other avenues. While some speculate as to why, the bottomline is, both remain very active as Nancy Wilson builds a new band in the form of Blues Hard Rock outfit Roadcase Royale and Ann Wilson goes out on the road simple under the title Ann Wilson of Heart. 

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