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Interviewing Ann Wilson of Heart: EPs, solo tour coming to Keswick Theater

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LEHIGH VALLEY MUSIC:  Hi Ann. How are you?

ANN WILSON:  “I’m good. How are you doing?”

Just fine, thanks. I appreciate your taking out time to speak with me today.

“Well, it’s my pleasure. You know, I’m getting this new project going and you’re the first person I’ve talked to about it, actually.”

Well let’s dive into it. Tell me about the tour and you’ve released two EPs. Tell me about them.

“Yeah, well, this tour that we’re starting out in March is called ‘Ann Wilson of Heart.’ And it’s my own band – it’s not Heart; it’s completely different from Heart. But it does share a few Heart songs in it. I guess, if you had to get technical, maybe 50 percent of the songs would be known to people from Heart.

“And then the rest of the songs are my thing. They’re songs that have been written for the Ann Wilson Thing EP and a couple of songs that I just love to sing, you know? This is my moment to do whatever I want outside of the Heart box.

“And it’s gonna be a really cool show. I have an amazing band – just great players, real lean, mean band. And I’m just gonna go out and just do it – just sing and sing and sing, and go everywhere possible and not even think about the future, really. This is the thing of now.

“So the EPs that you asked about, we put that out and it was one new original song and three live cuts from our shows, ‘cause that was the first little opening tour we did. They were four- and five-show little runs in big clubs. And it was just so thrilling that we thought we should just record these things. We don’t need to make an album – let’s just do EPs, short and sweet, and put it out there.

“And the second one is called ‘Focus,’ and that’s got two originals on it, and then two live cuts again. And it’s just really fun. It’s just my heart’s desire to do this.”