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Ann Wilson's Top 10 Live Albums

ann wilson's top 10 live albums

1) Harry Belafonte, Belafonte at Carnegie Hall: “When I was a child my parents used to play this. It made me want to perform! Harry Belafonte’s version of “Danny Boy” on this album just put me over the edge.”

2) Aretha Franklin, Aretha Live at Fillmore West: “The queen with all her fires blazing. Super inspiring!”

3) Elton John, 17-11- 70: “Elton in his early trio; Nigel Olsen on drums and Dee Murray on bass. This is a fantastic listen!”

4) The Who, Live at Leeds: “This one is raw, exciting and truly iconic. The Who on all cylinders.”

5) Deep Purple, Made in Japan: “The stuff 70’s rock was made of. Great songs and power performances.”

6) Joni Mitchell, Miles of Aisles: “Joni at her live best with a great band. Just before jazz and just after folk. Maybe one of the best lyricists and singers of all time. This album is a treasure.”

7) James Brown, Live at the Apollo: “The hardest working man in show business working hard. The grooves and the soul are to die for.”

8) Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison: “This is Johnny with his people. There is a connection here that is palpable. Cash in his prime.”

9) Muse, Live at Rome Olympic Stadium: “Perhaps the most powerful, creative band of today powering it out Live. Incredible playing, singing and drama! This record really takes you places.”

10) Duke Ellington, Ellington at Newport: “The sophistication and elegance of the Duke live. Perfect for an afternoon in.”