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Ann Wilson of Heart Talks Solo Tour and the Importance of Music


NWMS:  I’ve seen Heart so many times over the years, I’ve pretty much lost count. In fact, I think it was my first concert when I was like 12 – 14 ish.   I can’t really remember but anyways, you have this unique ability to connect with the audience and I’m guessing this has kind of always been reciprocal for you?

Ann Wilson: Yeah, in a sense, for sure if you’re doing it right and you really are authentically there, present feeling what you say you’re feeling and not just phoning it in, I think there’s a good chance you’re going to connect with people on a pretty deep level. That’s what’s really central to me, that’s really important. I can’t do that if the band gets too numb or the songs get too old or something like that, then I’m going to move on, so it’s just a real strong urge I have to fight for life, for artistic life. I think that Heart has done pretty well over the years, for 40 plus years, you know? Being together, and you know longer than that, that we were in clubs and everything, but we’ve done pretty well keeping it real.