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The Ann Wilson Thing #2 - Focus

rounder records

It's a one-two punch of Heart this month, when sister Ann Wilson releases her second solo EP via Rounder Records. The four-song EP includes a live recording cover of Jimi Hendrix' "Manic Depression," with Ann Wilson singing, "I know what I want, but I just don't know how to go about getting it," with screaming guitars backing her up. Wilson rules the Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel tune "Don't Give Up," singing, "I was taught to fight, taught to win, I never thought I could fail." The guitar toolings at the end are priceless. It also features two Wilson-penned tracks, the rockabilly folk song, "Fightin' Fer Life," which has her singing of a man "who is long and lanky, strong and freckly he's poetry walking." He moves slow and easy, speaks only truth -- and she likes when he sees her. She ends the EP with the sizzling blues track, "Anguish," featuring her crying refrain of "a-aah-a-ah-ahaaa-ahaa." Guitarist Craig Bartok co-wrote both of these with Wilson. This Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee adds a harder edge to the music with this EP. The Ann Wilson Thing doesn't attempt to replace Heart; it just gives you more Wilson sister material to love! Ann Wilson will take her songs on an intimate tour this fall, right after Heart's Rock Hall Three for All Tour, with Cheap Trick and Joan Jett finishes up in September. She'll play dates in Florida September 25-28. Catch her while the sun's still shining!