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Classic Rock Revisited reviews Ep #2 Focus


Rating: B

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer, founding member of Heart and all around amazing vocalist Ann Wilson is back with her second solo EP titled…. you guessed it…The Ann Wilson Thing # 2 Focus. Wait... did you guess it?

And that’s what this is… just a fun, short, well done musical thingy that Ann is doing for the sheer musical enjoyment---that’s kinda cool, if ya ask me… so go ahead and ask me.  You say, “Jeb, do you think this is cool?”  Well, I am glad you asked! Yes it is; it is very cool. There ya have it!

This time around we get two original songs written by Ann and guitarist Craig Bartok.  Let’s start with these… “Fighten Fer Life” harkens back to those 1970s acoustic Heart tunes we all know and love.  It has some tasty slide and some nasty soulful vocals from Ms. W.  “Anguish” has that bluesy Led Zep feel to it that we all know flows through Ann’s veins.  This is a great tune that features a slow moving and sexy groove. Ann even throws in some “baby baby baby” and some groans ala Mr. Plant. 

The two other songs are remakes… “Manic Depression” originally done by Jimi Hendrix comes off very sleek and cool.  “Don’t Give Up” is done well, but is the weakest link on this one.  It is nice and all but even Ann struggles to get a vibe as strong as Peter Gabriel on this one.  It is a fine effort, but at the end of the day this one is not quite as cool as the others. 

Ann is having fun with these releases, but rest assured not only are these tracks very good, they are very well executed as well.

Ann is going to do a mini-tour in Florida to support this release... sounds like a tax write-off with a side trip to Disney World and the beach... but, hey... enjoy.

This 4 song release is bad-ass cool, just like the original 4-track Ann Wilson Thing, leaving us here at Classic Rock Revisited ready for #3! 

Track Listing:
Manic Depression
Fighten Fer Life
Don’t Give Up