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William DuVall On How Ann Wilson Helped Unveil The Current AIC Lineup

Believe it or not, the current lineup of Alice In Chains has been together for 10 years now, and thanks to another Seattle legend, the world got to experience the band’s first official show together in a rather big way.

Singer William DuVall stopped by the WRIF studios recently and talked to Meltdown in the lead up to AIC’s string of gigs opening for Guns N’ Roses, and DuVall creditsHeart’s Ann Wilson for allowing him to have some screen time on the March 2006 VH1 show Decades Rock Live:

“It was Heart’s gig; they were being honored, and they invited Alice In Chains to be part of their celebration.  It was sort of our coming out party as it were, but we also had a couple of other guest singers.  Phil Anselmo was there, and then Ann was supposed to sing ‘Rooster.’  Between myself, Ann and Phil, there were three Alice In Chains songs we were going to do. It would’ve meant given the time constraints for the program, I probably would not have been in the program, because you got two well-known people singing well-known songs, and then you got me.  So what happened was during the camera-blocking rehearsals, I was there; I was on stage waiting to do my thing.  Ann hadn’t made it downstairs yet.  So, they said, ‘Would you just sing ‘Rooster’ for the camera-blocking?’  And so I did, and in the middle of doing that I see Ann and Nancy show up side stage, and at the end, Ann just like, ‘You’ve gotta do that song.’ So, that was really great, because not only was it flattering and all that, but it gave me a spot in the television program, and it literally served as the coming out party for this incarnation of Alice In Chains, and it wouldn’t have happen if Ann hadn’t done that.”