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Tawt January 2016 Newletter


to the tawt community in 2016:

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. I make them much more often than once a year, and try hard to keep them always. The closest thing to a resolution I have made this year is to maintain sobriety and awareness. I want to remain open and magnetic for Love. I want to continue to work on realizing my full potential musically, as a parent, a partner, and as a human being. 

2015 was great for TAWT! We conceived it, developed it and launched it. We are getting a fantastic response and meeting lots of new and talented people. It’s a challenge finding enough days in the year for TAWT gigs with Heart playing a full calendar in the USA, Canada and the UK. We’ll do it though. I love singing for people…being with them. See us everywhere in 2016.

   All love and respect,


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